A family business since 1929



Family owned and run SieMatic is an independent manufacturer producing kitchens with a promise of quality an assurance that begins with a guarantee to use the finest materials available, the latest production technologies and the most stringent quality control. SieMatic consistently and systematically monitor all material used in the manufacture of your kitchen. Ensuring your kitchen is of the highest quality and durability.


SieMatic also pay particular attention to ecological and environmental impact within the process of delivering to you your dream kitchen. These are far more stringent than required by legislative standards; a true "SieMatic Philosophy of Quality".

SieMatic Furniture Carcass

All SieMatic carcasses are constructed from 16 mm thick triple layer particleboard. The boards are a higher density than the industry standard, using higher-quality resins which combine to make a very strong, stable and durable carcase. This is an engineered wood (emission class E1) that also has a higher proportion of hardwood within the mix to maximise the strength and rigidity of the SieMatic carcasses.


The inside and out of the carcase is pure white, however visible sides can be finished to match the door finish if required. All front edges finished with 1.2 mm thick ABS edge with an all-around dust seal - adding to the easy cleaning of the cabinet. The edge colour is preselected to match the front colour but can be changed to any existing colour if required.


The carcase is assembled with a number of hard wood dowels, these typically tend to be more than most manufactures would use to ensure extra strength and are glued ensuring a ridged construction with a lasting quality.


Standard adjustable shelves are 19 mm thick with a 1.2 mm ABS front edge, with finished sides and back in melamine edging. Glass shelves up to 900 mm wide are 8 mm thick. Glass shelves up to 1200 mm are 10 mm thick. All shelves are fitted with an anti-tip clip. 


Multiplex (plywood) is used as the core material in the base of the bi-fold and lift door cabinets 800 mm wide and above, without the need for a central support. These panels have an increased resistance to bowing and as a result can span greater distances under the same loads.


Shelf and accessory clips are locked into the multifunction tracking system and can carry evenly distributed load of up to 42kg per base and tall cabinet shelf, and 20kg per shelf in wall cabinets 1000 mm wide 910 mm high.


The back of the carcase is 3.2 mm thick with an acrylic lacquer on both sides to protect against moisture again ensuring the longevity of your kitchen units and a SieMatic difference when compared with the industry standard.


Safety Profile

Safety profiles are fitted into a grove on the front edge of all of the SieMatic carcases, these are a angular shape and available in white or dark grey.


The Safety profile, creates more of a seal between the door cabinet reducing dust and keeping in odours (like spices), this also has the added benefit of the doors closing silently every time.


The safety profile is not fitted around appliances or where ventilation is needed for hobs.


The white profile is fitted when light coloured door fronts are specified, or grey with darker finishes. However these can be changed as per your preference.

SieMatic Quality

SieMatic constantly check the quality of your kitchen throughout the whole of the production process. This process continues even at our suppliers with SieMatic employees embed in their production process to ensure our clients always get the best quality and service.


  • Top quality materials

  • Highest precision workmanship, and a stringent quality control system before, during and after the manufacturing process.

  • SieMatic inspect at each production stage, even more rigorously than industry standards.

  • Only offer elements approved for the market if they meet their quality and safety standards.


This high quality is not only due to the high qualification of the SieMatic team of employees or a state-of-the-art production technology, but especially due to the rich experience and know-how of a company who have built first-class kitchen furniture – and nothing else – since 1929.

Multifunction tracking and MultiMatic

A SieMatic patented development and one of the best ideas since the discovery of storage space: MultiMatic is an interior fitting system that can be combined, added to and modified,  any time, effortlessly, and by yourself. SieMatic’s MultiMatic system has been revolutionising the kitchen since its launch in 2003.


MultiMatic, cabinets can be cleverly utilised giving up to 30% more storage; interior  flexibility like never before. Kitchen cabinets, therefore, turn into units of variable functionality where every kitchen utensil has its own place. Thanks to SieMatic’s MultiMatic aluminium system, the design philosophy of SieMatic’s highly successful accessories system for cabinet drawers and pull-outs is now consistently embodied in all cabinet elements. The basis for this highly versatile system is provided by the beautiful shapes of aluminium trays and frames in various heights and widths, which are suspended in the patented SieMatic multifunction track without visible attachments and can be outfitted with numerous newly developed accessories elements, for even greater convenience.




ZeroMatic edges

ZeroMatic fronts and side panels are created using a special process to make them as near to seamless as is possible, using the latest cutting-edge laser technology to fuse the edging and surface material together. The conventional gluing process for edging uses adhesive layers which always leaves a more visible joint.


ZeroMatic laminate surfaces have such a high quality appearance that offers an attractive, easy-care alternative for matt or glossy fronts and side panels.

- the latest laser technology allows edges to be almost seamlessly fused
- A near joint-free finish, as close to a flawless appearance of a lacquer  front
- no yellowing of the adhesive on the edge
- easy-care surfaces
- durable, strong and beautiful
- standard on SieMatic laminates

Lacquered doors

The SieMatic lacquered doors are produced to the highest standards not only using the best and most stable materials.  They also use the maximum level of paint needed to create the best possible finish, typically 16 layers are applied to each door on top of a base coat of primer.


This process is a combination of robotic paint spraying, items such as cornices or decorative elements will also be hand sprayed when required to ensure the best finish possible.


Each door will be sanded between paintings, sometimes by hand for fine detail as well as machine sanding. Finally the doors are hand polished to ensure the finest of finishes.


Again SieMatic employees will be checking at each stage manufacture to ensure the highest level of quality is maintained during the manufacturing process.

SieMatic Hinge

SieMatic Kitchens come with a newly designed hinge uniquely this has been micro-engineered to contain the soft close mechanism within the hinge boss so that the component remains sleek and attractive.


Furthermore the hinge feature can be easily de-activated to offer versatility when using doors of differing sizes, weights and materials. The linear plate, integrated dampers and the hinge cup cover provide a clear and clean appearance in the cabinet interior.


Furniture doors close silently (especially when combined with the safety profile) and effortlessly – independent of the closing speed and door weight. A light touch on the front is all that's required and the door closes as if by itself.

Inspired kitchen design since 1929

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