What is the value of a Brand like SieMatic, companies talk about strong brand values? What does that mean in practice?

SieMatic has built a brand on a history of producing high quality kitchen furniture, that are always striving to be better. Using new technology, materials, as well as being design in a sustainable way, we can create kitchens and living furniture that enhances your day to day life, as well as providing a product that has longevity.  An investment in a product designed to be used for twenty years plus, the environmental credentials of the furniture are not only an integral part of the manufacturing process, but also a key element of the life expectancy of the product.

The story of the domestic kitchen is also the story of SieMatic, August Siekmann Möbelwerke first exhibited his products at the Leipzig Trade Fair. Kitchen sideboards with names like "Erna," "Hannelore" and "Ruth" were quickly familiar and beloved well beyond the borders of Westphalia.

From the Kitchen sideboards to the "reform kitchen" style, from modular design to the first built-in kitchen, to the new design concepts that accommodate desire for openness, spaciousness and individuality. Since SieMatic was founded in 1929, they have built first-class kitchen furniture - and nothing else. Remaining true to their ethos and thus true to you the client as well.

SieMatic - Invented the handle-less kitchen

Over 50 years ago SieMatic, created the handle-free kitchens.

SieMatic 6006 – a true design classic amongst kitchens. When the SieMatic 6006 series made its debut in 1960, it as an immediate sensation, becoming one of the most popular kitchen designs of its time. The SieMatic 6006: the first handle-free kitchen. Over the decades, its distinctive design has been updated to reflect the times and has won many awards along the way.

From August Siekmann Möbelwerke came "SieMatic." The first kitchen under this brand was a sensation: The SieMatic 60. It represented a new departure in terms of design, functionality, materials and features. It was the very first kitchen in the world with integrated, recessed handle channels - and it set a new style in kitchens and is still a classic today.


Philosophy of Quality

A SieMatic kitchen comes with a promise - a promise of quality.  The assurance of quality begins with a guarantee to use only the finest materials available, the latest production technologies and the most stringent quality control standards. SieMatic constantly and systematically monitors all materials being used in the manufacturing process for quality and durability. Throughout the entire manufacturing process their staff monitor exceptionally high quality control standards on a continuous basis. In addition to their own internal audits, independent authorities have confirmed the high quality standard of SieMatic kitchens by rigorous on-going testing. The numerous certificates cover a wide spectrum of important criteria. They giving our clients the confidence of buying a product, that fulfils high demands in terms of quality, safety, environmental and health criteria. Every owner of a SieMatic kitchen will experience the proof of this every day whilst using their kitchen.

Carcase inside.png

The SieMatic carcass – key features – a brand difference

1, Two-sided directly applied triple layer furniture board (emission class E1)- 1,6 cm thick- Inside and outside in carcase white.

Carcase front edge 1,2 mm thick ABS edge and a safety profile.

All other carcase edges sealed with melamine edging. - The carcase front edge colour is preselected to match the front colour but can be changed upon request to any existing carcase edge colour or fitted with an Aluminum coloured edge.

Back internal unit wall 3,0 mm thick hardboard covered on both sides with acrylic lacquer which protects against moisture.

Carcase connections with glued wood dowels- Fold-lift and lift-door cabinets with carcase width 80 cm and above with Multiplex floor for stability and strength.

2, Square, white or dark grey safety profile

Soft rubber, luxury detail, fixed into groove on all carcase front edges, apart from appliance apertures.

3, Adjustable shelves / Adjustable glass shelves

Two-sided directly applied triple layer furniture board- 1,9 cm thick- Front edge 1,2 mm thick ABS edge, sides and back sealed with melamine edging- fitted with anti-tip clips.

Fold-lift and lift-door cabinets with carcase width 80 cm and above with Multiplex adjustable shelves for added strength.

4, Multifunction tracking – all units with doors and shelves

SieMatic Patent, multifunction tracking is dowelled as standard into all carcase sides.- enables almost infinitely variable adjustment of the shelves/MultiMatic elements (1.6 cm increments)- Elements can be retrofitted and height-adjusted at any time- Hole row hygienically closed (additional protection against moisture)- Time-consuming covering of drill holes is no longer necessary- Longevity guaranteed as drill holes do not chip

Hole tracks closed and - Shelf and accessory clips are locked into the multifunction tracking and can therefore carry high loads.

5, Hinges, the linear plate

As standard integrated dampers and the hinge cup cover provide a clear and clean appearance in the cabinet interior. Clearly SieMatic: The red dot in the cup of the standard hinge.  This guarantees a service life far beyond the usual. Thanks to the three-way adjustable, self-closing clip-on all-metal hinges the doors can be easily hung or removed without tools. Standard hinges have an opening angle of 110°. Wide angle hinges with an opening angle of 155° are available with a surcharge.