PURE Collection

Lines form into surfaces. Frames create a framework for space to breathe. Cubic objects take shape. Graphical clarity brings furniture and architecture into a perfect balance.

Opening a new world, with the handle-less SieMatic SLC

The design concept of the new SieMatic PURE style collection gives purist kitchen design completely new contours and a unique character. Its characteristic feature is the delicate, 2-cm frame that surrounds integrated elements: a design that creates clear boundaries while simultaneously opening up new spaces for additional configuration and design options, from shelves to cabinet ensembles. Developed in cooperation with the Berlin design team KINZO.

Precision right down the line

The design of the new SieMatic PURE style collection is a dialogue of lines and the surfaces in between, consistently on display even in shelves and sideboards.

SieMatic Frame Design opens up design options for a unique  kitchen.

Interior and product design enter into a unique symbiosis, integrating the furniture into the architecture and giving it an ambience of transparent weightlessness. Wall cabinets and shelf units are recessed in the gable wall.  The open niche compartment in the island echoes the wall panelling. The tall cabinets with large but understated integrated cooling and baking appliances are part of a functional block that acts as both a room divider and the centre of the space.


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