The SieMatic S2 PURE

The SieMatic Style Collection

A contrast between matte and glossy elements within a color scheme creates a discreet, modern interior design full of refined effects. SieMatic S2 handle recess channels are ergonomically optimized. They underline the desired visual lines - horizontally and vertically - and are characteristic of the timeless design of this kitchen classic.

Model design

In 1960, SieMatic presented the world's first handle-less kitchen whose design became a model for many. Who should continue to redefine an idea more ambitiously than its inventors? SieMatic has developed the broadest range of options for purist kitchens without handles or knobs over the decades.

SieMatic S2 close up with pears (MED).jp

Faithful to the line

The characteristic design of the integrated SieMatic recess handle has been continuously developed and today has achieved a unique degree of visual and tactile perfection. Absolute consistency - both horizontally and vertically - underscores the graphically clear, minimalistic form of furniture elements.


"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but where there is nothing left to take away."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French writer, 1900-1944

The SieMatic ColourSystem, Colour is one of the most important design elements in interior design,  because it spontaneously creates moods and feelings. The choice of colours determines whether a room is perceived as inviting, elegant, generous, cool, or cozy. Achieving a nuanced combination of the different materials and door panels used in a kitchen and creating the desired harmony require not only a highly sensitive use of colours but also a well conceived concept. That is why the SieMatic ColourSystem was developed. It offers a range of attractive matt and glossy colors, which are available throughout all the SieMatic programs. The 1,950 individual matte and gloss hues of the SieMatic Individual ColourSystem are also available for SQ lacquer.