MultiMatic design, down to the last detail

SieMatic is steeped in tradition, renowned internationally for kitchens that combine the best of modern and classic styles with a range of furniture notable for its award-winning designs. Since its founding in 1929, SieMatic has dedicated itself to a quest for perfection through superior quality, functionality and innovative kitchen design, creating distinctive solutions.

SieMatic Multi- Matic

A SieMatic patented development and one of the best ideas since the discovery of storage space: MultiMatic is an interior fitting system that can be combined, added to and modified,  any time, effortlessly, and by yourself. SieMatic’s MultiMatic system has been revolutionising the kitchen since its launch in 2003

The MultiMatic interior accessories system for tall cabinets

The highly flexible and easy-to-handle MultiMatic interior accessories system is based around elegant aluminum trays and frames in various widths and depths that are attached to the SieMatic multifunction track without any visible attachments. They can be equipped so individually and functionally with numerous MultiMatic accessories that everything really does find its perfect place.

Aluminum kitchen accessories

Highly customizable accessories in aluminum and dark smoked chestnut or light oak in combination with dark grey flock mats define the character of this SieMatic development.

SieMatic aluminium MultiMatic Accessories
SieMatic aluminium MultiMatic Accessories

Optimum storage use, always the right height, with a very accommodating fitting system and options.

An open shelf ensures optimal use of storage space and provides even greater flexibility for storing objects of different heights.

With holders and stabilizers in different widths and depths, bottles or jars can also be stored securely in cabinet doors.

Ideal for heavy objects: High-capacity drawers and "roll-outs" for tall and base cabinets help make the most of storage space.

There isn't a more stylish way to store classes and bottles. With MultiMatic, you can turn simple storage into an exclusive wine cabinet.

SieMatic aluminium MultiMatic Accessories
SieMatic aluminium MultiMatic Accessories
SieMatic aluminium MultiMatic Accessories

Laminate kitchen accessories

With its modern, graphical form, the easy-to-care-for SieMatic accessories in matte white laminate is a popular alternative or supplement to the SieMatic aluminum or wood Interior Accessories Systems.

Particularly when it comes to storing cutlery and cooking utensils, low-maintenance, hygienic laminate remains a popular choice. That's why the SieMatic Laminate Interior Accessories System offers a series of inserts in the widest variety of forms and combinations. Thanks to the high-quality material, the sophisticated matt white shade, and its graphical form, this variation is also a SieMatic product of timelessly elegant design.

SieMatic interior MultiMatic
SieMatic interior MultiMatic