The valuable essence of a SieMatic
Impressive in terms of both beauty and intelligence.

With a harmonious selection of materials and exceptional quality. But above all, an intricate passion for detail. Perhaps not perceptible at first sight, but unmistakable every single day. After all, only when used does the meticulous care, durability and expertise that distinguish our interior design systems become apparent.

Kitchen interior by SieMatic
SieMatic drawers and pull-outs are perfection in both appearance and performance.

Whether in base cabinets or kitchen islands, no technical detail disturbs the aesthetics. They are sturdy, easy to open, and available in any width from 25 to 120 cm. And best of all: They give you the greatest possible freedom of design for your kitchen's details.

Three systems - Infinite possibilities Kitchen design from the outside in:

Whether you prefer the purist, urban or classic style collection, your SieMatic kitchen expert offers three different systems with fascinating possibilities to design the interior of base cabinets or islands according to your personal taste and elegantly designed to coordinate with the surfaces of kitchen furniture and details. Making cooking even more enjoyable.

Aluminum kitchen accessories

Highly customizable accessories in aluminum and dark smoked chestnut or light oak in combination with dark grey flock mats define the character of this SieMatic development.

Drawer storage.jpg

Wooden interior accessories

The material combination of the SieMatic wood interior accessories for drawers and pull-outs, winner of design awards, looks like it was “cast from a single mold”: light oak, aluminum, and porcelain, elegantly connected by a light shade of grey. With its natural charm, it brings even more warmth and comfort to the kitchen. Those who appreciate this quality as much as the precise workmanship of the high-quality materials, the wide range of individual options and the ease of design will enjoy the sight that presents itself each day when opening drawers and pull-outs.


Laminate kitchen accessories

With its modern, graphical form, the easy-to-care-for SieMatic accessories in matte white laminate is a popular alternative or supplement to the SieMatic aluminum or wood Interior Accessories Systems.

Particularly when it comes to storing cutlery and cooking utensils, low-maintenance, hygienic laminate remains a popular choice. That's why the SieMatic Laminate Interior Accessories System offers a series of inserts in the widest variety of forms and combinations. Thanks to the high-quality material, the sophisticated matt white shade, and its graphical form, this variation is also a SieMatic product of timelessly elegant design.

SLX 3.jpg