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Are SieMatic kitchens sustainable?

You don’t have to look far to realise that in 2020, sustainability and ethical sourcing is very important to people.

Now if you stop for a second and consider the fact that a lot of wood goes into creating a beautiful, long-lasting kitchen. It probably doesn’t surprise you that a lot more of my customers are looking for sustainable kitchens these days.

So, let’s take a moment to talk about the SieMatic approach to protecting the environment.

See, the people at SieMatic take it all very seriously. They’re not like some businesses who make sheepish claims about sustainability; they actually practise what they preach.

The team boasts a number of certificates to show that they’re committed to environmental responsibility, but what does that actually mean?

First of all, they don’t burn oil.

Using advanced environmental management systems, SieMatic reduce waste to a minimum and wield as much material as possible. A hundred per cent of any leftover wood by-product gets recycled and used for energy in SieMatic’s on-site heating plant.

Second, they’ve achieved low energy consumption.

The trees growing on their site absorb the CO2 that they emit from burning wood by-product. That means the wood has a great CO2 balance which makes the production plant really efficient. What’s more, they’ve optimised their compressed air system so that they can work with lower air pressure and use less power there too.

And third, they avoid harmful materials.

For years, SieMatic’s been using water-based lacquers on wood-front doors, and that means they’re largely styrene free. They don’t produce foil fronted kitchens either, because they refuse to use PVC. And they only use cleaning products that are completely devoid of VOC solvents.

If you’re looking for a kitchen that’s been created sustainably by an honest manufacturer, you won’t find one much greener than a SieMatic.

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